:) I have to show some pictures :)

My stepdaughter Alice Ekström Syraka took them! She really know how to bring up the buety in someone! ! Sooo god pictures :)
bravo Alice

Good morning

I have felt and Hurd things in 12 hours that make me wanna take all of them in my arms! Comfort them and tell them! Everything is going to be alright! !! Is that possible? ?? Atleast I can send a little message. I feel! Maybe Atleast one person can feel comfort! I know many people need comfort and a kind hand to hold 💖 lovely people I wish you all the strenght you can get 💖 I believe in the power above 💖Goodmorning

:) oooops !! You no that feeling?

Sometimes in our life the mind blur!!! And doesn't know how in earth did I get here :) sometimes its good sometimes it less good :) and sometimes its exciting and totally new! !! Yes!! It could be so! ! So this is what blur is inside the head ? I didn't know until now! Should one act with the head or with hart? Or just let it come and see!! Capture pictures of the children :) Today the kids are tired! Mom don't wake us up!! Let us sleep in! Me I am up with the rooster! !