Back on track for 3 weeks now :)

The summer always end when you live in this side of the earth :) it feels allready that autum is here?? lilltle to soon I belive! Have so much new feeling inside me :) have to say that they are new so they have been frightening !! as freightening that is they feelingss has grown??? it´s not bad feelings but in something that shake your mind so much that if you not let go of this feeling ......? you are on a direction away of your today!!!! lot of changes can become!! good or bad??? or simply just new???? yeah! the only way to find out is to act! imagine?? a life with not much a felling you didn´t know you coud get?? Love life :) and everything it have to offer :) we only have to recive sometimes:)
Same person diffrent looks every day, can we be excatly same every day??? no I don´t thimk so!!! what diffrence would we se if we snap a picture every day for one month????? hmmmmm ??? challange maybe??