Back on track for 3 weeks now :)

The summer always end when you live in this side of the earth :) it feels allready that autum is here?? lilltle to soon I belive! Have so much new feeling inside me :) have to say that they are new so they have been frightening !! as freightening that is they feelingss has grown??? it´s not bad feelings but in something that shake your mind so much that if you not let go of this feeling ......? you are on a direction away of your today!!!! lot of changes can become!! good or bad??? or simply just new???? yeah! the only way to find out is to act! imagine?? a life with not much a felling you didn´t know you coud get?? Love life :) and everything it have to offer :) we only have to recive sometimes:)
Same person diffrent looks every day, can we be excatly same every day??? no I don´t thimk so!!! what diffrence would we se if we snap a picture every day for one month????? hmmmmm ??? challange maybe??

:) one journey :) so much feelings :)

A journey that feels in the body and soul! Have to pack AGAIN!! Maybe you think?  So what!  what is she talking about? If you have done it for 7:th time and you know it´s one more left J I promise you  would say the same thing! Hahaha. Do you know how many small holes it is between stuff that you can put stuff in J many I promise!! I´m the one who wants’  to organize THE TRUNK!! In that case I know where everything is! It´s so important to me.  Control freak I don´t think that!! 


Meet people, old friends ,  new friends, took coffee  with them a couple of beers MYTHOS of course JTalk to the sun! smoothly the sun has tanned my body, without  any burns! Have being swimming in medeteranian from the south on Peloponisso up to north in Chalkidiki. Have been eating shrimps, fish, octopus!! Oooh, it´s sooo good! Have had meat also BUT for me seafood is number 1 !!

Have been taking sooo many pictures :)

Had a such power new feeling inside of me for a person I really surprise my self!! How can this be possible?? Haven´t happen before and I actually doesn´t know if it´s right? However I can´t stop the feeling and it´s doesn´t seems wrong or ??? should we do something about change the feelings?? Have thought about it, and I think I leave it to come as the feeling goes.  Yes! New feeling, New experience! And  I´ll try to be as harmless I can.

Har varit i Kyrka med, underbart

After exactly 27 days from the first travel day we have past Berlin? Because of redirection from the nice lady in the GPS! This STAU in Germany is noooo fun!! Stau in tunnels to!

Always have to run against time.

The kids just want to be home now ti play fifia on the xbox!! Hahhha. And I want to be home because my behind is numb!!! Haaaaa. My husband well he has been driving  1900 since 7,30 in the morning yesterday and we still has 250 left! But those are in Sweden J yeah!! Well you can imagine yourself how the body feels like!